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17 February 2016

Rambling About.. Cooking For Mr Right by Susan Volland

Title: Cooking for Mr. Right
Author: Susan Volland
Publication:2 August 2005 - New American Library  
Goodreads Description:
At twenty-six, Seattle-based chef Kate Linden still has the urge to dye her hair blue and learn to play electric bass. But when she's abruptly fired from the city's hottest restaurant, and her ex-boyfriend, Gaston, announces he's getting married to a woman he's only recently met, Kate feels life's opportunities slipping away. Suddenly she's convinced that Gaston may be her last chance at a happy walk down the aisle. So she cooks up a scheme so grand her ex will be eating out of her hands in no time...
It's the perfect recipe for happiness. Until some unexpected ingredients fall into the pot-including a man she'd rather be cooking for.
First Line: I'm sitting on the edge of the tub with my feet in the toilet, banging my head with the cordless phone and vowing to make serious changes in my life.
Faves on 4s:
4 - My bones hurt, and I'm thinking about packing my bags and moving to Mongolia. Fermented yak milk is supposed to be delicious once you acquire a taste for it.
44 - He will walk on broken glass for a lamb chop or perfectly seared duck breast. Dip them in a béarnaise sauce, and he might gobble up an entire deck of playing cards.
94 - His face is weathered and wrinkled in that handsome, rugged manner that makes some women want to just suck on a Botox syringe and die with envy.
114 - Lucky thing I left my knives at home, or I'd slit my wrists.
154 - A stooped old woman with huge glasses and deep, furrowed frown lines is hell-bent for the kitchen. She uses her sturdy, four-footed cane like a third leg, and she's moving darn fast for someone with such obviously decrepit knees.
184 - His compliments fill a void in me that I didn't even know was there. A hollow spot in my heart trembles and thumps.

Ramble: I admit that I first got this book it fit the "V" for my A to Z challenge. The reviews were hit-or-miss on it but that didn't much matter to me because people like different things .... and I loved this! A couple of chapters in I couldn't help but think what a perfect Hallmark Channel movie this would make. You know, the feel-good with humor and romance where everything is so flipping obvious from the get-go but you still have to watch it just to see how it all plays out? Yep .... someone from Hallmark needs to contact Susan Volland and offer to buy the books. I've even started to cast it in my head (of course, with other Hallmark movie staples since they seem to use much of the same cast over and over). I keep trying to think if there was anything that I didn't like about this and honestly can't come up with a single thing. Yes, it was obvious how things were going to turn out to some degree but that doesn't bother me. I spend practically every weekend devouring Hallmark Channel flicks, after all. What DOES bother me is that Susan only seems to have written two novels before returning to her own cooking focus. (The woman is an absolute genius when it comes to sauces!)

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