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03 February 2016

Rambling About.. Alice Brown's Lessons in the Curious Art of Dating

Title: Alice Brown's Lessons in the Curious Art of Dating
Author: Eleanor Prescott
Publication: 1 April 2012 - Quercus
Format: epub - 516 pages

First Lines: “Where are all the men?” Kate whispered as she clutched her orange juice and looked nervously around the room. She tried to stop the disappointment reaching her face.
Favorites on 4s:
14 - If you’ve not bagged a man and got yourself pregnant by thirty-five, you might as well skip straight to the end and reserve a single room in the retirement home.
94 - There were so many average women to wade through. Nobody in the matchmaking business ever dared say it, of course, but it was true.
264 - “What are you talking about? The only revenge-thing I know about Sharon Osbourne was that she pooed in someone’s . . . Oh my God. What have you done?”
474 - He visited his parents every month, his fingernails were always clean, and—most importantly—he was single. Operation Fornication-with-Mr.-Nice-Guy was all systems go!
484 - She stiffened with shock. Audrey was never touched, other than by mistake. And she couldn’t remember the last time anyone had touched her like this. She was being hugged, she suddenly realized . . .

Mini-Ramble: Alice works for Table For Two - a matchmaking company founded and owned by Audrey. Audrey isn't a great boss, nor is she a great matchmaker. She herself is perpetually single and hires John from a local escort agency to take her to corporate events. Alice is a great matchmaker for others but not so much for herself. Kate decides to join Table For Two as a client with her list of perfect "Prince Charming" criteria in spite of her best friend, Lou, thinking it's a ridiculous waste of time. Throughout the book the chapters alternate between focusing on Alice, Audrey, John, Kate and Lou as they work on learning more about the 'curious art of dating.'
Like in real life there were so many twists and turns that within a matter of minutes I found myself hopeful, furious, sad, and tickled. SUCH a roller coaster of emotions -- often when least expected. I laughed, I cried, I had to find a murder mystery as my next read in order to give myself time to recover emotionally.

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