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12 March 2015

Three months in ... and changing things up a bit

Yesterday (or the day before -- it's all a blur) I finished my 20th book of 2015 (not including the ones read with John).

I tried starting the next book on my TBR which should have been my "I" for the A to Z. I had it so hyped up in my head for so long and then got thinking "Wait. These are some of my favorite characters of all time. What if they screw them up???" and once I finally started reading it I think one eye was looking for problems and issues while the other eye was just trying to enjoy the ride.

Having your eyes doing different things at the same time can give you a headache.


I'm putting off "I" for a while. Hopefully I'll get to the point of being a little less uptight about it. Or find a new "I." Whatever.

Moving on with a totally random pick: Robin Stevens' Murder Most Unladylike (which will be released in mid-April in the US with the title Murder is Bad Manners ... because Americans don't understand what is and isn't "ladylike" perhaps???).

After that? Probably something else randomly picked. Life is stressful enough to try and follow any sort of plan for my reading. Even the looseness of the "alphabet-random-series-alphabet-Christie" got too stressful.

Randomization rules.


Until it doesn't.

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