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23 March 2015

Rambling About.. Robin Stevens - Murder Most Unladylike

Oh how I love love LOVE this book!

Murder Most Unladylike (set to be released this April 21 as Murder Is Bad Manners in the US) is a murder mystery set at the Deepdean School for Girls in 1934 featuring 13-year-old sleuths Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong. Hazel narrates the tale in much the manner of Hastings for Poirot or Watson for Holmes. In fact, Daisy often calls Hazel "Watson." It suits her. (I generally like Watson more than Holmes -- and Hazel more than Daisy!)

From the back cover:

It's a spiffing tale. According to Amazon written "for" ages 9 to 12. Pshaw. All that means is that it's written without vulgarities and smut and no parts that I have to worry about not being able to read out loud around John. (I do that sometimes -- read my books out loud when he's around just to see if he bothers to pay any attention to me. Sometimes just to annoy him when he's trying to watch Netflix. I'm a mean mom. Or an awesome one. Whatever.)

Robin Stevens has created a truly wonderful little world with delightful (and despicable) characters. Part of me would love to see them jump onto the big screen. Part of me doesn't want it ever to happen for fear of literary butchery. Kind of like part of me desperately wants to know all about Daisy's uncle and part of me wonders if it might be best left with the snippets and mind-meanderings as it was in MMU. (You'll understand when you read it.)

If you like mysteries at all, get it. Wait until the US release if you must ... or order it directly from the UK like I did (and like I plan on buying the next in the series as soon as payday rolls around again).

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