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25 March 2015

Reading With John : Magic Tree House Dolphins At Daybreak

On Sunday John started reading the ninth Magic Tree House book, Dolphins At Daybreak. Monday after school he finished it. Tuesday after school I gave him some questions. And THIS is the latest installment of Reading With John!

The Questions & Answers:

1. What was strange about Annie's dream?
Annie's dream was weird because Morgan's note was in it and Jack had the same dream.

2. How do you think Jack and Annie felt when they saw the tree house again?
Annie and Jack felt happy when they saw the magic tree house.

3. What did Morgan Le Fay ask Jack and Annie to do? Why?
Morgan asks them to find something 'hard as a rock, plain as plain can be, but inside me there is great beauty' to become Master Librarians.
[Karen's note: the kid has a mind like a steel trap sometimes! I would have said "solve a riddle" and he gave the whole riddle from memory!]

4. What do you think was the scariest part of their adventure?
The scariest part was the hammerhead shark.

5. What do you think was the most exciting part of the adventure?
The most exciting part was meeting Sukie and Sam.
[Karen's note: they are the Dolphins At Daybreak & he had them in his lunch Tuesday!]

6. If you could take a trip with the Magic Tree House, which book would you pick to travel to?
I would like to go to Frog Creek Woods so I would pick up a Magic Tree House book.

7. If Jack and Annie had a book about Syracuse, where do you think they should visit first?
I'd want them to go to Ed Smith School.


  1. Excellent review! These sound really interesting, and like something my John would enjoy too! Thanks for the review!!

  2. Aww John is smart! Excellent review. Even though I have stopped reading children books, I feel like I should read this one.

  3. Hello from Rm. 225!! It was a great idea to make a blog about books! It is very interesting that you write blogs about your books! I hope you write another one! John is one of the coolest kids I know! Creative and smart! It was a good idea that you did all of this work! You did a very good job John! Those are some cool book reviews. I hope you make more!

  4. I liked your book report so much I shared it with my mom. We think its great! We're looking forward to your next book report! --Lucy from Rm. 225