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04 March 2015

Carolyn G Hart's Southern Ghost

To be completely honest with you, I'm not quite sure how to go about writing this review. It's not that I don't know how I feel about the book because I was more than happy with it and will slap 4 stars on it on GoodReads (very few get 5). It's that it's the eighth book in the Death on Demand series and I don't want to give too much away about any of the previous installments -- which you should really read before you read this one. Well, I guess it's probably not absolutely necessary but you'll understand the players better if you do.

I love the Death on Demand series. It was my first "cozy" series that I really got wrapped up in back when I was in high school. My mom's best friend owned a book store and once when we were visiting I happened to pick up the first couple in the series. A mystery series about a girl who owns a mystery book store? Yeah. Instant lit love. Of course, there are now 24 books in the series and I just finished number 8 so I'm a bit behind ... but the first four or five I've read and reread several times and now I'm determined that I WILL read the rest. Sooner or later.

Anyway, Death on Demand. Like I said, it's a series about a girl who owns a mystery book store (named, oddly enough, Death on Demand). The girl is Annie and she's married to Max. He's kind of a private investigator though not officially since he's not licensed. It's complicated. He's working a case for twenty-something Courtney Kimball involving some deaths in one of South Carolina's oldest families. The deaths happened over twenty years ago but when Courtney disappears they all appear to be related.

If you know the series it will seem like a bit of a departure in writing style and how the story all plays out. I loved the change of pace and scenery and the focus on different characters in this book than in the others. Quite a few characters met previously play major roles here, but not the usual supporting cast from the previous seven books.

Go read those ... then this ... then let me know and we can discuss!


  1. I read and really enjoyed the early Death on Demand books. I don't know why I stopped reading them.

    1. I was trying to figure out why I stopped and I think it was a combination of college and then being a "grown up" and then being a new mom. A LOT of reading fell by the wayside for me!