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11 March 2015

Deanna Chase's Demons of Bourbon Street

The third Jade Calhoun book! You can read the previous two rambles by clicking HERE. This is really a series that needs to be read in order so you aren't completely lost. (And, even then, you might get a little discombobulated from time to time.)
Good grief does Deanna Chase ever seem to enjoy putting her poor main character in turmoil! First Jade gets mixed up with ghosts haunting her apartment building and torturing her new friend/boss. Then she finds out that she's a witch. Then she battles a witch, Meri, who has gone black. Of course, Meri has dragged her boyfriend to Purgatory and is the same witch who twelve years ago trapped Jade's mother. Jade pretty much sucks at controlling her magic, has issues with the neighborhood guardian angel, and her ex-boyfriend ends up sacrificing himself in order to save Jade's mother -- who, of course, still treats Jade like a teenager instead of a 27 year old since time stands still in Purgatory. I guess.

At least she gets to have a lot of steamy scenes with the boyfriend (which I skip/skim for the most part) .... when, you know, they aren't being trapped or possessed or otherwise mixed up in Chase's twisted plan for their lives.

Seriously. I don't ever want to be a character in a Deanna Chase book.

This time around Jade, her friends and her coven are trying to get the ex-boyfriend, Dan, free from Meri's clutches.  Jade's mom is left behind in Idaho with Aunt Gwen, but gives some words of advice before they part ways:
 Her "solid escape plan" involves getting help from the angels -- including Dan's biological father (who happens to have been involved with Meri way-back-when). Of course, if you've read the first two installments you already know that angels in Chase's world haven't been all halos and wings and happiness. That hasn't changed. At all.
SO we have the still-snarky angel Lailah, the absentee-dad angel Philip, and as an added bonus there's an angel who's on Earth as a conservative televangelist trying to rid the world of witches -- and, more specifically, Jade. He feels her soul has been tainted and that she needs to be bound before she goes all black witch freaky on the world.
Souls (yes - multiple) are in danger. Lives are in danger. Witchcraft is in danger. Danger danger danger. Of course, that means there also ends up being battles and wins and losses and sacrifices. Yep .... it's a Deanna Chase book!

Seriously. I don't ever want to be a character in a Deanna Chase book. I enjoy the books but I definitely wouldn't want to live in one of them!

The next title is a short story (# 3.5) titled Engaged Off Bourbon Street. I'm guessing there'll be danger ... and we'll probably find out soon! (Not too soon, though. You know how I am about staggering series.)

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