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17 April 2015

Why I don't marathon read series

So, on April 9th I added Amy Patricia Meade's Million Dollar Baby to my "Currently Reading" shelf on GoodReads. It's the first in the Marjorie McClelland series.
I just finished the fourth book in the series.
So far there is no fifth book.
I'm already starting to feel lonesome.
Oh it doesn't matter one bit that I literally have several hundred (wouldn't be surprised if it's nearing or even over a thousand) books waiting for me only in my DropBox.
It doesn't matter one bit that I already have dozens of other series in progress that I could/should be getting back to.
What matters is that I don't have another tale starring Marjorie and Creighton and the gang waiting for me already. We've been through so much together these last few days. Now I have to wait for the next one to be written and released.

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