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15 April 2015

Amy Patricia Meade's Ghost of a Chance

I had accidentally requested Amy Patricia Meade's Ghost of a Chance on NetGalley before I realized that it was the second in a series. As you may know, I have this thing about reading in order ... and with this series it's pretty much crucial to do so ... so I hunted down the first one, read it, and loved it oh so very much. I typically don't read series installments back-to-back but I just couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next ... which is exactly how I felt when I ended this one so rather than go on to the book featured in this week's Teaser Tuesday post, I'll be going on to the third book in the Marjorie McClelland series. And then probably the fourth. Luckily (perhaps) there are only the four right now so I'll be forced to read something else while I wait for the fifth to appear.

Hmmm ... Amy DID mention on Twitter that she has two other series .....

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