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10 April 2015

Random Thoughts on Book Challenge Things and Stuff

* Critical Role on Geek & Sundry is probably the most awesome thing to happen to Thursday nights in ... well ... ever. (It doesn't hurt that I've known one of the players for almost 30 years now.) I missed all of tonight's live stream thanks to a cruddy wifi connection at work, but hopefully they'll upload the whole kit & kaboodle soon so I can catch up. There was dancing ...

* I wish there was an easy way to exercise and read while at work. At home I can read on my recumbent bike. I don't nearly as much as I should ... but I CAN. Here at work the closest I get is walking around with phone in hand and my ereader app on trying to read and not walk into walls at the same time. We have a fitness center with bikes and treadmills and whatnot .... for the hotel guests. It would likely be frowned upon if I got my sweat on without a good excuse like "Oh, I was doing a walk-around to make sure everything was quiet and secure ..." like I could use with the whole walking/phone/wall scenario.

* Accidentally got the second book from a series I haven't read on NetGalley. Well. I meant to get the book... I just didn't realize that it was the second in a series. I've acquired the first and am reading it now but doubt I'll get them both read to review in time for the second to be archived. I hate losing track of time and not getting things reviewed when I "should."

* Along those same lines, I hate feeling like I need to read anything in any particular order or on any set time frame. It's stressing me out. I think perhaps I'll stop worrying so much about doing the A to Z in order and just wing it. I may even stop with the "currently reading" sidebar box and only update on GoodReads when I've finished something rather than the "Currently Reading" shelf. That way if I get bored or distracted or whatever I won't feel guilty about removing something (and I do. I'm a freak like that).

* Scrapping the A to Z in order means I only have the following letters left: K, N, O, P, Q, U, V, W,  X, Y & Z. Not too shabby. This also means I can stop putting off The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making just because it's my "V." Yeah. Totally reading that next. Well, soon. I have a library book to get to after I get the current one done. Oh yeah.... and the one for NetGalley.


I should probably go read something.

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