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29 April 2015

All out of whack

It's been almost tedious to read for the past week or so. It's not that I haven't enjoyed the book I've been reading (Catriona McPherson's The Winter Ground). I adore the Dandy Gilver series and absolutely devoured the first three when I read them. I honestly don't know, though, if this fourth one dragged on for me because it was dragging ... or because I was! Multiple dentist appointments over the past 2 weeks with root canals and extractions and lots of antibiotics and pain meds. I guess it probably shouldn't surprise me too much that something as simple as relaxing and reading would end up seeming so stressful, huh? I thought about setting the book to one side and starting something new ... but even that stressed me out. I did finally finish the book and, I'm afraid, this is as much of a review as is going to happen for it this time around. So far the Dandy Gilvers have struck me as being quite re-readable so maybe in a few years it'll resurface and seem like the first time I've ever read it (unmedicated, hopefully).

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