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09 April 2015

Reading With John : Ghost Town at Sundown

It's been almost a full week since John finished Ghost Town at Sundown and we finally remembered to do Reading With John! Again, I wrote out some questions for him to answer based on the book:

Writing out his answers:

The Questions (& Answers):
1. How did Jack and Annie know the Magic Tree House was back?
Jack & Annie know the Magic Tree House [is back] because they see a long legged rabbit.

2. Where do they go this time?
The Magic Tree House takes them to Rattlesnake Flats or [a] ghost town.

3. Did you learn anything from the book?
I learned rustlers steal horses especially mustangs from a herder and leaves the slower ones behind.
[Karen's Note: When we were talking about the answer before he wrote it out he was much more detailed about how the young ones were abandoned and often left wandering about looking for their family because family is very important to mustangs.]

4. Cowboy Slim gave Jack & Annie cowboy nicknames based on personalities or traits. 
Give cowboy nicknames to two friends or family members and tell why they fit.
My dad's cowboy nickname would be Fluffy because he's fluffy. 
My dog's cowboy nickname would be Sleepy because she can't move.

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