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02 October 2015

October Stuff, #BookBeginnings & #Friday56

If you're on Instagram you probably know all about the photo-a-day challenges. I've done them before -- mostly highly unsuccessfully -- and decided today (well, yesterday, technically) to give it another shot. I'll be doing a book one AND a health/diet one for Rising Like Fawkes and, hopefully, will at least remember to post MOST days.

Here are the prompts for my chosen bookish one:

And, accordingly, here is my first post:

I'm currently reading A Blossom of Bright Light but since it's an ARC I've decided to do my Friday56 and Book Beginnings for the next book on the list, A Pint of Murder by Charlotte MacLeod (under the pen name Alisa Craig).

As always, Friday56 (share a blurb from the 56th page or 56% mark) is hosted at Freda's Voice & Book Beginnings (share the first few sentences & your thoughts) is at Rose City Reader.

This is the first book in this particular series so I have no idea who Agatha Treadway was or who Marion Emery is ... but I do know that I snorted my coffee at how funny the opening is. I'm hoping to fly through the book I'm reading now so I can really start this one ASAP!!!


  1. Oh please, oh please may I die with all my business finished, despising no one.
    My Friday Quotes

  2. This sounds like such a funny book! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Great beginning! I'd have to keep reading. I am spotlighting Sinner's Steel by Sarah Castille this week. Happy reading!

  4. This sounds like a fun cozy mystery. Great beginning!
    My Friday post features Beneath Montana’s Sky.

  5. Can't decide if that excerpt is just weird or a little creepy. Hope you enjoy your October!

  6. Definitely a great beginning, I like my copies with a lot of humor! Thanks for visiting today.

  7. I love the reference to the Mountie in the 56! Sounds like a fun cozy! Happy weekend!