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15 October 2015

A Well-Read Mini-Ramble -- Gail Carriger's Waistcoats & Weaponry

I always worry about spoilers and such when rambling about a book in a series -- particularly if it's significantly into said series and the books aren't stand-alones but really must be read in order. SO, I'm experimenting with A Well-Read Mini-Ramble which may (or may not) become a regular thing here. Right now I'm leaning more towards the "may" than the "may not." I think that it would also be good for some of the Reading With John entries particularly when he doesn't feel like writing much ... I could probably at least convince him to make a list.

I finished Gail Carriger's Waistcoats & Weaponry on the bus in to work tonight and omigosh it was a fabulous installment in the series. The next (and last) book is due out in just a few weeks and I'm already considering lifting my self-imposed "No Book Buying" ban in order to read it ASAP.

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