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19 October 2015

In Which I Beg John Connolly For More

My dear dear Mr. Connolly:

I have just completed the third book in the Samuel Johnson trilogy, The Creeps.

I beg of you, please please puh-leeeeeeeze turn this into a trilogy along the lines of Star Wars or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I'm not ready for them to be done.

I don't even care that I'll get to re-read them at least once with my son (they are, after all, "middle grade" and he's at that point).

I don't even care that you probably have other ways in which you would rather be spending your time.




Come on ... pretty please with a cherry on top?

What am I supposed to do while riding the bus in to work without breaking into hysterical fits and snorts of laughter?

How am I supposed to carry on without the greatest footnotes ever to interrupt a page?

Where is the humanity, man? WHERE?!? You can't leave me hanging like this.


See? Now you've made me cry.

I hope you're pleased with yourself.

I know I have been.


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