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07 October 2015

Jennifer Harlow's Mind Over Monsters

To see the teaser & introductory ramble about Mind Over Monsters just backtrack to this week's Teaser Tuesday post.

I'll wait right here for you ....


*checking time*

*grabbing a snack*

Ready? Awesome.

When I started reading this I sort of lumped it right into the "mind-candy" genre. You know -- the books that aren't really great but aren't necessarily bad? The ones that you pick up to read when you just want to kind of coast through something? It really started out feeling that way to me... and then I ended up cutting my post-work AND pre-work naps short (and almost missed a bus stop) because I just didn't want to stop reading. My heart was racing, I was getting fidgety, and I just had to know what was going to happen next!

General Thoughts:
* humor -- I love Harlow's sarcasm and snark. It helps keep the general "mind-candy" feel going even when things were getting stressful

* Bette -- she's a machete and I love her

* the other F.R.E.A.K.S -- there's a good mixture of personalities here and I look forward to hopefully learning more about them as the series goes on

* the love/lust/flirtation triangle -- of course there has to be one, right? The "normal" girl (comparatively speaking, of course), the hot werewolf, the hot vampire. *YAWN* I sort of feel like the world has been-here-done-this about a million times over. Luckily it doesn't overthrow the rest of the story

Pretty much, a fun read with some nice "holy *&^*" moments (well, as "nice" as surprise zombie hordes can be) and enough promise as a series that I'm really glad I already have the next two waiting for me!

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