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05 October 2015

Charlotte MacLeod's A Pint of Murder

A Pint of Murder is the first in the Madoc and Janet Rhys Series written by Charlotte MacLeod under the pen name Alisa Craig (a name she also used for the Grub-And-Stakers series ... which I'll get to some day!). I already fell in love with MacLeod's Peter Shandy so I figured I would give another series a shot (especially since the second one takes place at Christmastime and will fit in nicely with my holiday read-a-thon).

While I can't say that this enthralled me as much as the Peter Shandy series has so far, it was a quick and enjoyable read with some laugh out loud bits right from the start (which you can see on my latest BookBeginnings/Friday 56 post HERE).

I have to admit I was awfully surprised that Madoc didn't appear at all until the tenth chapter! The first nine were all setting up the first murders and the background of Janet Wadman and her neighbors in Pitcherville, New Brunswick (which is in Canada for those of you who may be geographically challenged). Of course, the title is clearly "A Madoc and Janet Rhys Mystery" per the cover of the ebook so even before starting I knew that the two were going to end up together sooner or later.

I hate spoilers.

Maybe THAT was one of the reasons it didn't grip me as much. I kept reading and thinking "Well, get ON with it already!" knowing what was coming for the two ... sooner or later ...

Maybe the second one will hook me a bit more. We'll find out before the end of the year!

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