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11 August 2015

Teaser Tuesday # 23 (& A Little Ramble) - Jenn McKinlay's Due or Die

The Tease & The Book

The Meme

The Ramble

Due or Die is the second in Jenn McKinlay's Library Lover's Mystery series. I had read the first one, Books Can Be Deceiving, pre-blog and, unfortunately, pre-caring about reviewing on GoodReads ... but I do remember that I loved it. A librarian as an amateur sleuth? What's not to love???

The main character of the series, Lindsey Norris, is the new director of the public library in the coastal town of Briar Creek, Connecticut. She's relocated there after dumping her cheating fiancee and being downsized out of her job as an archivist thanks to budget cuts. It's a tight nit community and she's already made it her home with a good group of friends and a potential love interest. She doesn't always think things through before she does them or says them and her loyalty to her friends and neighbors get her mixed up in crazy little things like murder investigations. 

As far as the mystery aspect goes, I had both books figured out before Lindsey did ... but they're still fun reads and fairly fast ones, at that. Nothing too mind-blowing strenuous, just cozy. Through and through cozy.

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