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29 August 2015

Reading With John : Secrets of Droon # 1

Every year our favorite library has a huge book sale and a couple of years ago I grabbed the first two Secrets of Droon books for John in case they were something he would ever be interested in. We read the first one this week in 2 days and he's excited about reading the rest of them at some point!

For this review he asked for another fill-in-the-blank or form, so form it was! I made it at work Friday morning and that afternoon he got to work filling it out!

Title: The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet
Author: Tony Abbott
Year Published: 1999
# of Pages: 80
Main Setting (Time/Place): Plud/Droon and Eric's house (forgot time! "It's 1999, Mom!!!")
Main Characters: Eric, Julie, Keeah and Neal
What Happened In The Story: In the beginning, Eric, Neal and Julie go to clean Eric's basement. Then Neal kicks the soccer ball in the closet to Droon. After that, they meet Keeah and save her from Sparr.
Why Did You Give It The Rating You Did? I loved reading it because it was funny and exciting and I loved the flying carpet and sound effect words like "zam" and "fwap."

Being a big fan of drawing he was rather pleased with the box for a picture. I told him he could draw anything from the book he wanted to in it and he chose the character of Max.

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