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04 August 2015

Revisiting Leslie Meier's Mistletoe Murder

The first time I attempted to read Mistletoe Murder was in December. It must have been the wrong time of the month for me to read it or something because I kind of freaked out, wrote a freaking out end to my blog post for it, and quit reading it.

Then a few weeks back came my beloved Kensington with an offer to read the latest in the series ahead of publication through NetGalley. I was torn. It was a pretty epic freakout and it would mean skipping straight to book # 22 in a series .... which I never ever do .... but .... in the end, I couldn't resist. So I downloaded # 22 and went back to reread # 1.

And I'm glad that I did.

Granted, the cause for my freakout was still there and still seems pointless. It could have been written in so many other ways without hurting the story, but when it comes right down to it, it ended up being a minor blip in an otherwise fun read.

By the end of the book (which took me less than a day to read -- including time spent sleeping and working) I cared about the characters and the town and decided to bump Candy Corn Murder up to the next book on my mental TBR ... and within just the first couple of chapters I'm already itching to backtrack and read the rest of the series in order as they should be.

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