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04 August 2015

Teaser Tuesday # 22 & Reading With John - Dead Boy

This week we're doing a two-fer with Teaser Tuesday and the latest Reading With John!

This was truly a wonderful book for the middle grade crowd .... and those of us who just enjoy really well written books even if we're decades older than the "written for" audience.  For something new I offered John the option of writing a letter to a character from the book. He more or less dictated it to me, but that works, too. They're still all his thoughts -- I just get them down on paper easier than he does right now.

First his letter, then the teaser!


Dear Crow,

I loved the book about you: Dead Boy by Laurel Gale. My mom got it early from NetGalley. I liked being able to read it before it comes out for real.

I thought it was funny when your body parts were falling off and maggots were coming out of your mouth, nose and ears, but the Meera and its tests might have scared me. Were you scared?

I think the Meera might have morphed into a cat. My cat, Cheerio. He bites at me and dad sometimes. Maybe there are two collars and his is invisible? If he offers me a wish I would ask for all different types of toys and apps for my iPad.

Melody seems like she is nice and kind and a good friend. The other kids were kind of mean. I hope they are nicer now.

I hope you liked this letter. I also hope you don't die too early again and don't have to see the Meera again.

Maybe some day I will write my own book!

Your friend,



The Tease & The Book
Dead Boy by Laurel Gale
(Because this is an ARC the text may be different in the final published copy.)

The Meme


  1. What a great letter! I am glad you and John enjoyed the book. I haven't heard of this one, but it does sound like fun. My daughter's much too young for it yet, but maybe someday.

  2. Poor thing. Great letter!

    mine: https://storytreasury.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/teaser-tuesday-ink-and-bone