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10 August 2015

MC Beaton's Death of a Gossip

I started Death of a Gossip this morning when I woke up shortly after 7am Sunday morning and it was finished by 5pm. It was that fast .... and that good!!!

 I think that most know how much I adore Charlotte MacLeod's Peter Shandy and Hamish MacBeth is so similar in feel and wit that I kept imagining what would have happened had the two ever crossed paths. I likely would have had trouble breathing from laughing so hard but oh how worthwhile the hyperventilation would be!

It definitely fits well into the "cozy" side of the mystery spectrum. There's a murder but there's no gore and the mystery aspect of it kept me guessing. It reminded me quite a lot of some of my favorite Agatha Christie tales where practically everyone you come across has equal means and motive. Hamish isn't even officially on the case, being just a small local "bobby." He can't bring himself to just sit by and do nothing, though, especially not when the girl he's crazy about puts a bug in his ear about it.

Of course, although she volunteers to follow him around with praise the problem is that her father quite dislikes Hamish and while he's a simple police constable, Priscilla comes from prestige.

While the relationship (or non-relationship) between Priscilla and Hamish is a minor blip in the grand scheme of the whole murder mystery deal, it's one that's driving me crazy. I was half tempted to go reading through synopses for books further into the series to find out if they end up together .... but I resisted the spoilers. 

For now.

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