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25 May 2017

Rambling About.. Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brant

Wendy Brant
Publisher: KCP Loft (April 4, 2017)
 Amazon Description:

First Line: I hold Josh's TI-84 in my left hand, press a few buttons just for show and wait for the vision to come.
Faves on 4s: 
4% - I focus on accomplishments I can master: running a six-minute mile, solving the Riemann hypothesis, picking up dropped items with my feet. 
24% - I talk about how, in a world of shades of gray, sometimes it's nice to have black-and-white answers.
44% - I touch his jacket or his phone and once I even place my hand lightly on his arm, because skin-on-skin fractals are the strongest and clearest. Slowly I've started to put together his puzzle.
64% - If family history seemed complicated before, now it seems like an episode of One Life to Live.
84% - "God, you make even Chebyshev method sound dirty."

Eva is just a normal high school senior. Well, she is if "normal" means being a math genius pastor's kid with quadruplet toddler siblings and not really caring about "teenage girl things" like shopping, school dances, makeup or dating. 

Oh yeah. 

There's also that little thing about her getting visions (sortof -- more like senses of feelings -- she refers to them as "fractals") about people whenever she touches them or something close to them. One of the things that makes her such an excellent math tutor, for example, is that all she has to do is touch the other student's calculator and she gets a sense of where their difficulty lies. More personal objects like jewelry, clothing and cell phones tell her a lot more so she avoids touching them -- and other people -- as much as she can. Her hope is that she'll get in to a good college (and get the scholarships needed to afford it), study neuroscience and cure herself. That's really her one focus (aside from helping to care for her siblings, of course).

Then she meets Zenn.

Eva and Zenn are more than a bit adorable as they get to know each other. "Adorkable" might actually be a better phrase. He's the tall, dark and handsome type. He has a similar sense of humor (there's a whole bit about sheep after they first meet that I'm still chuckling to myself over), is an amazing artist, and the only item of his that seems to set her off is his jacket. For the first time ever she feels like she can feel safely.


It couldn't possibly be that easy. 

So, of course, it isn't.

It's beautiful and funny and heartbreaking and so much more gray than black-and-white. I'm so glad I decided that I wanted to check for a different "Z" title for my alphabet challenge and that this was available on NetGalley when I did. I'll definitely be watching for future books by Wendy Brant!

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