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10 May 2017

Rambling About.. Maia Chance's Snow White Red-Handed (#boutofbooks book 2)

Author: Maia Chance
Publication: 4 November 2014 by Berkley Prime Crime

First Lines: Miss Ophelia Flax was neither a professional trickster nor a lady's maid, but she'd played both on the stage. In desperate circumstances like these, that would have to do.


This wasn't on my original TBR for BoutofBooks, but I finished my first book at work and realized that everything else was left at home. Thank goodness for my phone, my Kindle app, and my friend Shannon who suggested I pick a book with a color in the title. I immediately thought of this one which I purchased a couple of months ago since I've loved some of Chance's other books and have the first in her newest series sitting on my NetGalley shelf waiting for me.

It didn't take long for me to form a strong connection to Maia Chance's Snow White Red-Handed. I've always loved fairy tales and Snow White was my princess-of-choice growing up since she was the only one who looked anything like me. Before I even opened the book my hopes were high. Then, after the first chapter where our heroines Ophelia and Prue land jobs as maids for a wealthy American couple, the book immediately jumps location to just outside of Baden-Baden Germany. It's 1867. My great-great grandfather was in Baden-Baden until 1868.
(Source: The Hector Berlioz Website)
Yep. This book was destined to be adored by me.

So, we have Ophelia and Prue recently employed by the Coops as maids and the whole lot are off to the castle in the Black Forest. On their property a small house has been found which Mrs Coop is certain was the dwarves' house from the Snow White tale. Professors Penrose and Winkler are called in to examine the findings as both are deemed experts in the field of philology (the study and history of literary texts -- like Grimm's original tales). Winkler firmly believes that it's all nonsense but, secretly, Penrose is hoping to find proof that the "fairy tales" were based on truth.

The Coops are rather wretched and the rest of their household staff aren't exactly full of rainbows and butterflies. When Mr Coop is killed -- by a poisoned apple, of course -- Prue is the main suspect and Ophelia is determined to set things straight.

I love Ophelia. She's sarcastic and tricky and exactly what I love in a "cozy" heroine. She's also fiercely loyal and protective of Prue -- who is her own special breed of tricky. Of course, as with most things, we have some romance going on between Prue and Hansel the gardener and Ophelia and Gabriel Penrose. Luckily, neither relationship overshadows the mystery aspect.

It's a fast-paced story with twists and turns and fairytales galore (especially if you remember that those Grimm boys weren't big fans of rainbows and butterflies and pretty little endings!). It kept me smiling and guessing and I'm still kicking myself a bit for not figuring it all out on my own. Right now there are 2 other books in the series and I'm greatly looking forward to getting my hands on them.

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  1. Sounds like a fun one and I love fairy tales. :)