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20 May 2017

A Little Ramble About.. Archie of Outlandish

Lynnette Kraft
Published July 1st 2016 by New Wrinkle Publishing

Archie of Outlandish is a darling read with gorgeous illustrations ... and even a free soundtrack.
(the library in Outlandish -- aka my dream room)

It's set in the quirky little coastal town of Outlandish, California, where people walk or ride their bikes instead of driving cars and where Archie lives life under a multitude of umbrellas because he's afraid of looking up. His family and community are incredibly accommodating, not wanting Archie's condition to be seen as a disability. (Which I totally get, being the mother of a child with Autism.) On his twentieth birthday he meets Tallie -- an outsider sent to get the scoop on Outlandish and ends up finding her other half in Archie.

At times it was all just a little too "darling" for me, as my typical reads have some sort of grit -- murder or supernatural or romantic angst. This was just a little too safe and unoffensive for my usual tastes, but one I'm sure I'll recommend to others.

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