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18 May 2017

Summer at the Little Wedding Shop by Jane Linfoot (Book Beginnings & Friday 56)

Jane Linfoot has done it again!
This is our third visit to the little wedding shop in Cornwall, Brides by the Sea, and each time I love it a little bit more. I highly recommend starting the series from the beginning so you can fall in love with the characters and watch how their lives change over the course. So many "series" seem to largely forget about the lives of those met in prior installments, but Jane keeps us filled in while giving us new people to care about!
This time the main focus is on Lily. She used to help out with the floral aspects at the shop until she up and got married herself. That didn't quite work out so now she's back and Jess has tasked her with starting up the styling department of the shop. Of course, she immediately gets to start dealing with dueling bridezillas who are all sorts of hilarious. There's quite a lot of smack talk, an Instagram battle, and any minute I expected an epic dance off!
To make matters even better (or worse), one of the brides-to-be is her own widowed mother -- who is constantly on Lily's case over ... well ... pretty much everything, but especially over her lack of a lovelife. Of course there are options who could remedy that. There's Fred : the "boy next door" farmer type who may or may not have some secrets up his sleeves. Then there's Kip : the spoiled bad boy who just so happens to be starting up a posh wedding venue in direct competition with Lily's friends ... and has hired Lily as a stylist to help him.
I don't want to give too much away because I'm a firm believer that you should just read it yourself if you enjoy romance at all (and, if you don't, you wouldn't care what I gave away anyway). Jane Linfoot is amazing and, hopefully, has many more trips to the little wedding shop coming up!
As always, Friday 56 is hosted at Freda's Voice & Book Beginnings is at Rose City Reader.
This week's 56 is from the 56% mark in the e-ARC I received from the author.
The freeness, of course, had no influence on my love for the book.

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