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08 March 2017

WWW Wednesday -- 8 March 2017

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What I'm Currently Reading
Derek Landy
Skulduggery Pleasant #1

I'm just starting Chapter 16 of this marvelous wonderful splenderific where-has-it-been-all-my-life book and I have to say, it's not bad. I used it for my Tuesday Intros/Teaser Tuesday post this week, have been bombarding my Instagram & personal Facebook with oohs and aahs over it, and will likely use it again for this week's Book Beginnings/Friday 56. Of course, since I already used the first paragraph for Tuesday Intros I'll have to get creative with the beginning bit .... maybe the second paragraph .... 

What I Recently Finished
Erin Hart
Hallowed Ground

This was my first book for The Begorrathon and it was surprisingly wonderful. It's a lot more serious than what I normally read nowadays and made me miss books with more nitty gritty to them than my typical cozies. I teased and rambled about it here.

What I Think I'll Read Next
Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Back to Blackbrick

I had just started reading this when my Skulduggery Pleasant box set arrived and I immediately set it aside. I'll pick it up again once SP is done because it really does seem like it'll be a good one. Maybe not a "where-has-it-been-all-my-life" good ... but still good. I'll be sure to let you know!


  1. So you won't just jump into book two? :) I am glad you are enjoying SkullDuggery and it really makes me want to see if I can find my copy of book one....drat it all, I have to many books and lots of them in tubs...lol.

    1. It will pain me to not jump into 2 .... but I just can't marathon book series like I can TV shows! Besides, I have a "thing" for March and only the 1st SP was on it :(

  2. I've read his Monsters trilogy, which was well written, but quite violent and dark given that it was for youngsters. Is this one also very full on?