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30 December 2014

Top Ten Tuesday : Goals for 2015

It's another Tuesday and I'm actually remembering to check in with Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish!

Yay me!!!
I'm going to do blogging-related goals -- for all three blogs!

1. Complete The Reading Thing -- hopefully with enough time to add in some extra books! As it is I'll be starting it late because I'm only 35% into the book I'm reading now and I really want to read one more before I start the official Thing.

2. Start "Reading with the Well-Read Pirate Prince" feature with John. We read together almost every day and I've convinced him (not hard to do at all) to share his thoughts here! He asked about having his own blog but then we decided that for now we'd keep it all in one place. At least for books.

3. Post on I Wish I Had An Adipose more than once a week. The past little bit I've kinda sucked at that.

4. Post on What's In Our Lunch Bags? five times a week -- which will mean that I actually have to make MY lunch for work on a semi-regular basis again.

5. Comment on other blogs more regularly. Most work nights I have very little to do. There's no reason not to be social.

6. Find more weekly linkies to have fun with -- for each of the three. Ideally I'd be linking somewhere every day from one or more blog.

7. Pay more attention to the Facebook pages for each blog. I do pretty well with this one .... because I like it best at the moment even though it has the smallest number of followers. The others are horribly neglected.

8. WRITE STUFF DOWN! Come up with a blogging schedule and stick to it. Probably more for I Wish I Had An Adipose than the other two.

9. Stop forgetting that this does NOT autopost to Facebook.

10. Consider setting up my own linky .... somewhere .... about something ....


  1. Great set of goals for next year!

  2. I really like commenting on other blogs. You can find some great recommendations on book blogs! I hope you achieve your goals in 2015. My TTT

  3. Great goals! I have a weekly linky on Tuesdays for readers who workout and Fridays for posts about the British Isles (book reviews of books set in Great Britain & Ireland, but also photo and travel and research posts.). We'd be happy to have you join us!