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16 December 2014

Christopher Moore's The Stupidest Angel

It's a love story....ish.
It's a coming of age tale... a little.
It's a murder mystery... without the mystery (for the readers, anyway).
It's a Christmas story complete with Santa and carols.

It does not have a Chapter 13.
It does not have much of a Chapter 16.
It's got zombies.
It's got pot.
It's got angels. (Well, it has one.)
It's got psychotics.
It's got full frontal nudity.
It's got a sword fight.
It's got the kind of humor that makes your inner 11 year old boy laugh like Beevis. Or Butthead.
It's got a fruit bat who wears hot pink Ray Bans.

Basically, it has everything a Christopher Moore Christmas novel should have.
And it's awesome.

Now, Moore's sense of style isn't for everyone. There's snark and there's swearing and all of those things above that uppity people may not enjoy.

(But, seriously, who in their right mind could not enjoy a fruit bat wearing sunglasses?)

Technically, The Stupidest Angel is the third in the Pine Cove series of Moore's books, preceded by Practical Demonkeeping and Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove. Island of the Sequined Love Nun also plays a part in TSA. As does Lamb. And a teensy little mention related to Fluke.

You won't be lost if you haven't read the others, but you'll probably get more out of it if you're already familiar with Moore's work. Even more if you already consider yourself a fan. It's as though Moore sat down and thought "I know what would be the greatest gift ever...." and spewed out The Stupidest Angel.

And, did I mention that the fruit bat talks?

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