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16 December 2014

I hate making decisions!

I'm thinking I may put an end to the annual "all Christmas all the time" bit once I'm done with my annual re-read of The Stupidest Angel. There are just way too many things I want to get to ... and the only ones that really fit the whole "Fa-la-la" theme are parts of series that I haven't read or caught up on and I just can't bring myself to jump around. I did that once not too long ago and it was beyond painful.

I may just go and do something crazy (for me) like marathon a series.

But which one?!?

I may just have someone pick a number.

I just typed up the list of DropBox folders that I know aren't "just for John" ...

Yep. It'll be a pick a number dealie.


And #110 was the chosen number on Facebook so up next is
which is a 73 page prequel to The Graveyard Queen series ... which REALLY starts with
(and the first number chosen in the comments HERE will be next in line!)
and by "up next" I mean AFTER
because I'm wishy washy like that.

1 comment:

  1. I have been debating in the stupidest angel but i'll wait till next Christmas if I decide to read it!! and my number is 26