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11 December 2014

Look over to the left. No, not THERE. Down a little.

In the left-hand sidebar is my little widget for Amazon with the books I've been intending to read to start out 2015.

I saw in one of the book groups I'm in that they had done an A to Z challenge for THIS year and since I didn't join until December I figured it would be fun to do it just for myself for NEXT year.

 And I'm constantly second- and third-guessing how I want to go about it.

 Do I want to actually slam out all 26 in a row ... or do I want to do a couple then revisit a series I'm already reading ... then do a couple more?

 Do I want to do A to Z?

Z to A?

Jump around as long as I end up doing them all?

These things have been running through my mind for the 12+ hours I've been at work tonight/this morning/what-freaking-ever.

And, of course, I keep making little changes to the list here and there based on new acquisitions that I just have to read as soon as I can....

So how would YOU do it if it was YOUR list?


  1. I would do one book from the list then one not on the list and alternate every other one. And I would read A-Z because I like to do things in order and its easier to see your progress that way :]

    1. Brilliant!!! I think that's exactly how I'll do it, then! I'll still be on the lookout, too, for new choices for I and X ... I'm not completely sold on the ones I have now.

  2. My only problem is that I want to read an entire series at once if I can get my hands on the books. If it a really good series then I am not able to read anything but those books until I am done. I can't think about other books until I am finished a series. I know I should alternate but I can't seem to let myself do that. Maybe I should do a list so I would still feel on track and alternate. But where to start? There are so many books. I am finding so much I want to read! I don't know where to begin. Then comes the problem where I see what others are reading and I want to read those books too. Or when the Kindle suggest a book! I must come up with a plan because this is crazy! lol

    1. That's why I started the running log at adiposediet.com ... I actually pre-planned what I would read because otherwise I'd waste too much time trying to decide what came next!!!