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10 April 2017

Rambling About.. Stuck With You by Carla Burgess

I adored Carla Burgess' first book, Marry Me Tomorrow, and when I saw that she had a new one coming out I rearranged my planned reading in order to lose myself in it as soon as NetGalley said it was on my shelf. To be honest, I didn't think it would be possible for Burgess to come up with another couple that I would love half as much as I loved Emily and Sam, but then I met Elena and Daniel.

Burgess has another absolute winner with Stuck With You. Elena has pined for years over Daniel and has been replaying one perfect memory the whole time (in spite of living with her boyfriend, Alex, for the past two years). They were teeneagers. He was about to go traveling, she was heading off to university and, amazingly, he asked her to dance, kissed her, and they never saw eachother after that.  

Until, several years later when they're 25, the elevator breaks down at the supermarket with the two inside.

I don't know if you have an "if only" in your past but if you don't you'll just have to take my word for the fact that all of Elena's pinings even years later? Yep. They can most definitely happen. I'm 41 with a long-term partner and child and I still "if only" and "what if" about one particular "almost" from my awkward teens! That may be one of the reasons why Elena and Daniel have joined Emily and Sam on my list of "favorite book couples" -- they're so relatable and hopeful and put a big ol' goofy grin on my face (and prompted me to listen to quite a lot of The Doors and think of my particular "almost.").

Now ... for the next book could we find out what happens with Rachel? Maybe a Zach update? And, of course, more of Sam, Emily, Elena & Daniel!

Amazon Description

One lift. Two strangers. Anything could happen!

Elena thought that today would be just like any other day…until the supermarket lift jams and she realises she’s stuck.
And not just stuck in the lift. Stuck with her childhood crush, Daniel Moore, who unfortunately seems to be just as gorgeous as she remembered…


  1. Yes... I think we all have those 'if only' moments from when we were teenagers. I certainly do:). Thank you for sharing - a great review.

  2. Sounds like a good one, I need to check this author out.