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05 April 2017

Rambling About.. Holly Martin's Spring at Blueberry Bay

This is my 6th Holly Martin book and each one of them has been given five stars .... but only because that's as high as Goodreads and Amazon goes. If I could give more I would because Holly has certainly earned it! Once again I've been blessed by the fabulous folks at bookouture with an advanced copy of her latest, Spring at Blueberry Bay. Of course, this has had no influence on how much I've adored this book.

I've found that each time I open a Holly Martin book my heart grows a little bit bigger and my faith in happily-ever-after gets renewed a little bit more. In fact, that faith in happily-ever-after is really behind this book.

from Amazon:

Of course, the description doesn't do it justice ... nor will my little rambling thoughts. It's being released on Friday (April 7th), though, so you don't have long to wait to fall in love yourself! Since, though, this is supposed to be a "proper review" (as if any of my reviews are ever proper), here are some of my thoughts, jotted down along the way:
  • Bella has so much baggage I suspect there's a birthmark shaped like Louis Vuitton's monogram somewhere on her bum.
  • Isaac has everything a lit-crush should. His own baggage (duffle bag size in comparison to Bella's full travel set), strength, tenderness, a wicked sense of humor, and even a tinge of geek (he does, after all, excel in gaming).
  • Hope Island is the newest Holly Martin locale that makes me want to pack my bags and move yesterday. The details were so vivid, I feel like I could step foot off the ferry tomorrow and not get lost.
  • Be aware of speakerphones! They can be hilariously dangerous things.
  • Thou shalt not read Holly Martin books when thou art supposed to be sleeping. Before you know it you'll be howling with laughter and the jig will be up and everyone will know that you're up, too.
  • Thou shalt not read Holly Martin books at work when others may be around. The possibility of being asked a hundred times "are you sure you're okay?" because tears can unexpectedly stream down your face is very real.
  • I need more Bella & Isaac ... and Rocket and Alfie and Rome and Eden and Dougie and Freya and even Claudia. (Claudia must have some kind of backstory, right?) Oh! And Elsie and Roger! (They're so stinking cute!)
Bascially, summer can't get here soon enough. The next Hope Island book is supposed to be out then and I can't wait to revisit this glorious location and its wonderful residents!


  1. lol... I love the birthmark on her bum comment:). This sounds like a cracking series - many thanks for sharing it.

  2. Sounds great! I haven't had a chance yet to read any of Holly Martin's books, but this review definitely pushes her books up the TBR list!