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16 February 2017

Planning ahead ... #readireland2017 #begorrathon2017

As of right now, these are the books that I have in mind for The Begorrathon 2017!

Huge thanks to Cathy at 746Books and Niall at Raging Fluff for hosting what is sure to be a fun month. An entire month of books set in Ireland and/or by Irish authors!!! Hurry up and get here already, March!!!

(They're all on my Goodreads shelf for the challenge if you want more info on the books.)


  1. This sounds fun, hope you enjoy all those books! :)

    1. So do I! Several of them I had never heard of until I went digging for possibilities beyond Ahern, Keyes and Connolly for the month. Then I ended up finding so many that looked good that Marian Keyes ended up on my "alternate" list in case I fly through them! ;)