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21 February 2017

Finding Secrets by Lauren Westwood (Tuesday Intros & Teaser Tuesday)

When I realized that Lauren Westwood's Finding Secrets would likely be my Tuesday Intro/Teaser Tuesday book this week I kept my eye out for the perfect lines for the teaser. I soon discovered that there are just far too many perfect lines to choose from.

This book.

Oh my ... this book.

By the half way point (thanks to sleep and work getting in the way of things), I had already found myself laughing and crying and audibly gasping and "omig_d"ing repeatedly. On Amazon it's listed as
Finding Secrets: An uplifting romance where love conquers all, but it's so much more than just another romance book. Sure, there is that aspect to it ... but it's also full of history and intrigue and the journey of self-discovery.  There's so much going on and rather than try to figure out what's going to happen several steps in advance, this time I just went along on the journey with great delight (even when there are tears involved).

It's only February and I already have a feeling it'll remain one of my top books of 2017.

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Finding Secrets is set to be published on March 1st 2017 by Aria.
I received my copy for free through NetGalley. 
The freeness, of course, has had no influence on my opinion. 


  1. Yes, I've had one of those kind of nights over the last month LOL - curious for more.

  2. This isn't my usual kind of read, but I like the writing style in the snippets you've shared.

  3. I'm assuming the beginning might have something to do with WWII and London? Scary and very vivid. I will say that, for me, the cover doesn't really match up. But perhaps there are other aspects that tie it in. :-)

  4. Just from your comments, Karen, this sounds like a must read! The intro and teaser you shared though have my attention as well. That's quite an opening! And I really like the teaser. I would definitely want to keep reading. Adding this to my wish list. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, yes, the sleepless, tangled-sheet kind of night. I can relate. This one sounds good. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “THE GOOD DAUGHTER”

  6. Doesn't sound much like the start of a romance...or is it love that has caused the sleepless nights?

  7. Hi, this is Lauren, the author here. Thank you so much for your lovely review, and for the comments received.
    Just between us, it's kind of difficult these days to get this kind of book published - the publishers want either romance or thrillers, whereas I love to write 'romantic mysteries' that combine a little humour, romance, and mystery. Regarding the comment about the cover, if I had my way, I'd replace the butterflies with a bomber or two, because there are some darker elements to this book, and in fact, one of the themes of the book is how history is told by the survivors, and may not be the 'truth'. Anyway, thanks again for the lovely review, and I am very interested to know what people think of the book.

  8. Both the intro and teaser have me intrigued.