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14 September 2016

Rambling About.. Life in the Dead Lane by Lucy Quinn

Amazon Description
All Cookie James, FBI agent and Innkeeper extraordinaire, wants is a romantic date with her hot handy man… but what she gets is a corpse presented with a big red bow. 

When she and Dylan discover a boat with a dead body, not only is her picnic ruined, but a woman from Dylan’s past returns to the island. The famous rock star appears to want a comeback tour with her former bodyguard. But Cookie doesn’t have time to worry about that, because her oh-so-sexy ex-FBI partner has arrived, too. And he’s ready to make a little music of his own. 

With an entangled love life, too much manscaping, and a songbird in trouble, it’s once again Cookie’s job to wrap up another murder.


I needed something light and easy after the last book that I had read completely tore me to shreds emotionally. As luck would have it, I was offered a copy of the second Secret Seal Isle Mysteries book just as that other book was finishing. What better to lighten the mood than death and murder? (I never said I was normal.)

So we're back with Cookie, her hippie mom Rain, hunky handyman Dylan and the rest of the Secret Seal community we got to know in the first book. Cookie and Dylan are heading out for a picnic date on a secluded island when they come across an abandoned ship -- although it's not totally abandoned as the owner is on deck -- naked and dead. Great way to start a date, huh? Of course, the deceased's sister pops up and is a gorgeous pop star who has a history with Dylan ... and then Cookie's former FBI partner, Hunter, ALSO shows up.

Awkward gets more awkward gets "omigosh just give Cookie a break already" awkward.

Poor girl is constantly trying to keep her mom and her hippie friends under control (and clothed), figure out what's going on with the men in her life, AND solve murders while also hiding out from a big baddie and his goons.

Exactly the light-hearted break that I needed!

Once again the duo that makes up Lucy Quinn has created a fun story with humor, twists, turns, and a mystery that keeps the pages turning. 

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