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05 August 2016

Lynsey James' The Sunflower Cottage Breakfast Club (Book beginnings & Friday 56)

Emily Reed is having a bad day. Her mother has just dropped a devastating bombshell—the dad she’s known and loved for twenty-five years isn’t her biological father!
Desperately in need of answers, Emily heads to Luna Bay covering her personal quest up as a work trip to Sunflower Cottage B&B.
Setting up the ‘Sunflower Cottage Breakfast Club’ should be a great way to meet the locals and maybe even find out who her father is. The only problem is brooding and insanely gorgeous, Noah, who is determined to make Emily’s stay perfectly uncomfortable.
Discovering the truth after all these years was never going to be simple, but Emily will stop at nothing to uncover her past… even if her heart is getting in the way! (Amazon Description)
Thanks to the wonderful folks at NetGalley and CarinaUK I've just started reading Lynsey James' The Sunflower Cottage Breakfast Club.  I haven't gotten far enough in to warrant a ramble yet, but it's never too early for a tease or two!
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  1. Such a pretty cover. I wonder what just happened. Sounds like a major scene.

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  2. This sounds good. I hope you are enjoying it. I'm featuring a historical mystery this week - These Honored Dead by Jonathan F. Putnam. Abraham Lincoln stars. Happy reading!

  3. Love the title! Sounds all summery and good for a weekend read. Hope you enjoy it! Here's my Friday Meets:

  4. That blurb really pulls me in! I love books where characters I trying to find themselves or uncover secrets from their past. Plus I love that title. Hope you really enjoy it!

  5. The title and cover appeal to me, and the blurb sounds good too. I'm curious about whether or not she finds her biological father and how she conducts her search.
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  6. I'm curious for more. Like the cover and snippets! Happy weekend!

  7. This sounds charming and heartwarming. Happy Reading!

  8. Sounds like an interesting read. :)

  9. I like all of it. I like the cover, the Friday 56 and the Book Beginnings. I would definitely read it.

  10. I love the cover. Not sure the snippet is my style, would depend on my mood I think. Hope you had a great weekend.

  11. I love that shade of blue on the cover. :)

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