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26 August 2016

Guest Post: Samantha Tonge on Breakfast Under a Cornish Sun

I'm beyond thrilled to have one of my favorite authors and kindred spirit, Samantha Tonge, guest posting today! Not only does she write amazing books that yank at my heartstrings, but we've had lots of wonderful conversations on Twitter and we have quite a lot in common -- including our penchant for casting tales as though they were going to be turned into movies. In fact, that's what today's post is about -- casting the ever-amazing Breakfast Under a Cornish Sun! You can read my original teaser post of the book HERE.

For now, though, on with the casting call!


*rubs hands* Now this I am going to enjoy. I often mentally cast the main characters of my books and imagine myself standing next to the heroes, on the red carpet. It was Joseph Morgan from The Originals for Lord Edward out of Doubting Abbey, and Robert Pattinson for Luke out of Mistletoe Mansion. Um, okay, hands up, I might obsess just a little about the men in my novels!

Having said that, in Breakfast Under a Cornish Sun, I felt really close to the protagonist, singer and waitress Kate Golightly. Her life needs to move forwards. She has suffered romantic pain but puts on a brave face to most people. So I think the ideal actress to play her would be someone feisty like Anna Kendrick, a great actress who can subtly express vulnerability.
image from People

For Lucas, the chef and Poldark look-alike, well what can I say... It would have to be Aidan Turner of course. But if he wasn’t available well, I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones and I think Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow would very much fit the part. He has tousled black, shoulder-length bed hair and is suitable brooding and moody. Plus muscular – I mean, he would have to be able to wield a scythe of course!
image from Celebuzz

As for holiday park manager, Tremain... Gosh. I need to think carefully about this as this character means everything to me. The pain in his eyes that hints at a difficult backstory. His strength. The occasional glimpse of a humorous man capable of great passion. Hmm. I think it would have to be Zac Efron. This might seem an odd choice as this actor’s recent movies are very light-hearted comedies. But he has the right solid, sexy look and treat yourself to watching The Lucky One. It is a wonderfully romantic movie where the versatile Efron shoes real emotion and depth.
image from WeeklyViral

Finally there is colourful Izzy, Kate’s best friend and cocktail bar owner. She wears all the colours of the rainbow, is ambitious and loyal and fun – everything a good friend should be. There is no doubt in my mind as to who should play her: Cameron Diaz, as Izzy is flirty and never short of male attention, but at the same time keen to push her career forwards and is a real gal’s gal.
image from Women's Health


Yep, that's definitely one I would watch! 

In my mind the cast went this way when I was reading (all images from their Twitters):

Kate - Kara Tointon

Lucas - Richard Madden

Tremaine - Matt Ryan

Izzy - Amy Manson

I find it rather hilarious that we both had Game of Thrones hunks on the mind when thinking of Lucas. What about you? If you've already read the Breakfast Under a Cornish Sun, who would YOU cast? And, if you haven't read it yet ... GO GET IT.

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