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14 January 2016

Rambling About.. Kitty's Countryside Dream by Christie Barlow

Author: Christie Barlow
Publication: 25 February 2016 - Bookouture
First Line: When I received the telephone call on 1st November 1985 it was unpredicted, it came out of the blue, but maybe destiny was calling, a fresh start, and a time to make something out of myself.
Favorite Line: 'Always remember to stick your nose in a book and not in other people's business.' (57%)

Ramble:For the first half of the book I figured it was probably going to end up with a solid three stars. It wasn't particularly gripping but it wasn't horribly boring. I could put it down and get distracted by things and not think about Kitty.

The story opens with Kitty arriving at her new flat that she had inherited from a grandmother she never knew and was always told had died years prior. We got to see her adjust to her new surroundings, mourn the fairly recent loss of her mom, get acquainted with the business she had also inherited and its workers. Sweet and quaint and only a few editing foibles to get under my skin, but I let those slide since I was reading an e-ARC thanks to NetGalley.

Things started picking up a little about a third of the way through, but then Kitty found a diary in her grandmother's office safe and started to read it. That changed everything ... for Kitty and the pace of the book. 

When I left work this morning I was only slightly past the 50 % mark and had gone from easily distracted to not wanting to put it down. I delayed sleep by an hour in order to finish it and find out what happened. I fell asleep hoping for a follow-up from Barlow to revisit my new friends.

I had originally requested it from NetGalley because of its adorable cover and Brit Chick Lit-ness. It wasn't what I was expecting but I definitely didn't end up disappointed!

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