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23 November 2015

Thinking ahead ...

I've been thinking a lot lately about my Reading Thing* for 2016 (* "it's like a plan but with more greatness") and I think I may have it ... roughly. If this coming year is anything like this year has been, it's a pretty safe bet that I can average five books a month and rather than trying to do any of the challenges that other blogs are setting up or attempting an A-to-Z deal again, I want to focus on my own little categories based on what I know I have & want to get to. SO I each month I'll read:

* one middle grade/YA book not with John (although we may end up reading whatever it is together at some point anyway)

* one book written by an author who died before I was born (so they had to kick it before December 10, 1975)

* one book from a series I've already started

* one book that I've been meaning to get to but haven't because ... oh! look! a squirrel!

* one ARC from NetGalley or elsewhere

If I make it to a sixth book that will be my Sharyn McCrumb Ballad Series read. At least half of the series will be re-reads for me, but they're SO worthy of re-reading and it's been so long since I left them behind that a re-read is definitely in order.

So how about you? Are you making any plans (or "things") for what to read in 2016 or are you just going to wing it?


  1. I considered doing something similar, but don't think I have it in me just yet. There are a couple of challenges that I may participate in this year. I can't say I really have a year long plan though for my reading. Most of the challenges I have my eye on (all two of them so far) are very open in terms of the types of books I can read, which is a big plus given I don't do well if I make myself a list.

    1. I'll probably wing it from month to month for everything but the dead-before-I-was-born bit ... that will take a little planning at least as far as WHO I want to read :)