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08 November 2015

Reading With John - I'm An Alien And I Want To Go Home

John recently finished Jo Franklin's I'm An Alien And I Want To Go Home thanks to NetGalley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group, and Clarion Books. It's set to be released this Tuesday, November 10th, and John thinks it definitely worth buying!

From Mom:
Daniel doesn't look anything like his family. He's tall and awkward and when his sister tells him it's because he's an alien and not really part of the family at all he believes her -- especially when they only thing he finds in the photo album where his baby pictures should be is a newspaper clipping about a meteor crashing nearby on the same day he was supposedly "born" to his Earth parents. With the help of his two best friends, Eddie and Gordon, Daniel sets out to get home to his "real" family. It's not the deepest middle grade book we've ever read (that honor still goes to The Goblin's Puzzle for me), but some lessons are learned about friendship and family and bravery ... even in the midst of "thin-crust laptops" and fart jokes.

Five Things From John:
* I liked the pictures (by Marty Kelley). They were really detailed and funny.
* I liked when Dan rescued his parents because he was really brave.
* I did NOT like that Dan's parents were kidnapped by the wackos. It was mean.
* I liked the staring contests over the laptop.
* I liked when they tried cryostasis on Dan his mom freaking out.

And one more thing from John:
* I like being able to read books before other people can!

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