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10 January 2015

Reading With John : Judy Moody Gets Famous!

We've had a bit of a crazy week this week with me having to work long strange hours, horrible weather, and then John coming down with a nasty little stomach bug. I have tonight off from work and he's feeling a little bit better so it's time for another edition of:

Today John did his mini-review of Judy Moody Gets Famous!

We first got to know Judy because of her little brother, Stink. Last year John read several of the Stink books and decided that this year he would move on to Judy since she's in the third grade like he is. I tease him about how if Judy Moody were real she'd probably be his girlfriend. (One of several, I have to admit!)

(everything in parentheses with an asterisk was said but no written)  

Title: Judy Moody Gets Famous!
Author: Megan McDonald
Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds
What type of book is it? (funny? scary? serious?) funny (*more funny than serious, anyway)
Who is the main character? Judy Moody
Who are the secondary characters? Stink, Rocky, Frank, Mom and Dad, Jessica
Where is the setting? school, home, town (*which includes everyplace else)
What happened in the story? Judy wanted to get famous like Jessica and everybody else.
Did you learn anything? Being good is better (*and more important) than being famous.
Did you like it? Why? I liked that it is part of Judy's life. I love when she fixed all the dolls. (*I don't want to say too much because it might spoil the story for someone.)

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