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16 November 2017

Release Day Blitz! Gone Missing by T.J. Brearton

I am absolutely thrilled to be participating in today's blitz celebrating the release of T.J. Brearton's Gone Missing. I had a feeling that I would enjoy it because of the oohing and aahing from other Bookouture fans, but I had no idea just how much I would love this book.

Now, the vast majority of the Bookouture books that I have read thus far have been based in the UK which has been great since I'm a huge Anglophile. I didn't do any research at all into the book or  T.J. Brearton before diving in to this like I normally would. I had assumed that it would be based somewhere "across the pond" and was hit with a huge happy surprise of places I know and have been and roads that I have traveled numerous times over my almost 42 years. I'm a "north country" New Yorker in so many ways. I was born in Ogdensburg; dated a guy who went to Paul Smith's College when I was in high school; did my first year of college in Plattsburgh; taught workshops on the north end of Lake George throughout graduate school and beyond. This is my home turf that Brearton wrote about and he wrote about it beautifully.

Of course, the actual storyline of the abduction and search of Katie Calumet is what most people would be paying attention to and, luckily, Brearton wrote that beautifully as well. It takes a lot to get me hooked on crime thrillers, but from the very beginning I found that it was one that I didn't want to put down. (I even got caught once or twice sneaking in some pages at work.) The alternating chapters between Katie and the investigation led by Detective Justin Cross kept the pace riveting and the turns as twisty as a north country drive -- which, believe me, are plenty twisty! I gasped out loud more than a few times, was full of "you go, girl!"s for Katie, and ended up wanting more of Cross. (Please? Make this the first of many? I know that there are other series and lots of other books of Brearton's to read, which is great ... but I really want to see more of Cross and his team!)

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  1. This one sounds absolutely riveting - delighted you enjoyed it so much, Karen:)