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05 August 2017

Cover Reveal! Vivian Conroy's Lady Alkmene # 4!


I have known about the fourth Lady Alkmene Callender book since the first part of May and it has been absolutely killing me not to have my hands on it. The third book was released way back in November 2016 and I've had a giant hole in my life every since. Vivian Conroy has made up for a little with the introduction of the Cornish Castle series and by sending devious little teases, but I need Jake and Alkmene.

We're still a couple of months away from the October release of Fatal Masquerade, but today I can finally share with all of you what Vivian sent to me last week.

Are you ready???

Are you sure???

How gorgeous is that cover?

I saw it and immediately started to freak out.

Whoever HQ Digital has doing the covers for this series definitely deserves all the kudos for this one. There is absolutely nothing I would change and it makes me want October to get here even faster! (Even the missing Jake is okay since he's never been on a cover. Maybe though .... just a glimpse at some point? Please???)

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