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10 July 2017

A little ramble about.. A French Affair by Katie Fforde

Author: Katie Fforde
Title: A French Affair
Publication: Bookouture -- 7 July 2017 (re-release)
First Line: ‘I’m saying this more in horror than in anger, sweets, but are you really going like that?’
Faves on 4s:
14% - 'You know, I find it quite hard to see Matthew and Aunt Rainey working together. She was so eccentric and off the walk and he's so -- stuffy!'
34% - His smiles were so rare it reminded Gina of the sun coming out from behind the clouds after a stormy day: it wasn't exactly blazing sunshine but it lifted the spirits.
64% - Gina felt she was in heaven or was the star of the best sort of romantic film.
84% - 'It was so awful when we weren't speaking. It was like I was missing an arm.'
A French Affair is the fourth Katie Fforde book I've read so far. It's a sweet story about two sisters who inherit their aunt's stall in an antique center -- cynical public relations specialist Gina and the more whimsical mum of twins Sally. Of course, part of the deal of the inheritance was that they work with the owner, Matthew -- single, serious and brooding. There's romance and heartbreak and a lot of antiques ... but I didn't feel as much magic as I had with my previous Fforde reads. Maybe if I had more of an interest in antiques it would have been different. It was still a good read, but not one that I'm going to be rushing out to buy in paperback to add to my actual shelves.

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