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29 January 2017

A quick little weekend recap

Two books knocked out this weekend! While not nearly as impressive as last weekend's four, I also didn't have a readathon looming over my head so I had the audacity to do other things like watch tv and play ridiculous games on my phone.

The first book finished was the one I had teased on Friday -- Robin Stevens' First Class Murder.
This series just gets better and better! Hazel is still my spirit animal, Daisy still drives me a bit nuts, Uncle Felix is still .... whatever he is. Highly recommended to any fans of Golden Age detective stories regardless of age and to those who know middle graders & tweens who could some day become GA fans. Please, though, start with the first book so you get all the nuances and back stories!

The second one is the first book in Lucy Arlington's series about 45-year-old Lila Wilkins -- Buried In A Book. (At this point "Lucy Arlington" was actually Ellery Adams and Sylvia May. The name switched hands after the third book.)

After being let go from the newspaper where she had worked for twenty years, she finds a position as an intern at a literary agency in the quaint village of Inspiration Valley, North Carolina. A man drops dead in the office on her first day and, of course, Lila takes it upon herself to investigate since the police are too busy with other things. It's your basic cozy complete with a possible law enforcement love interest and super quirky neighbors/family members ... but there's a reason it's such a popular formula that gets repeated over and over again. It works and folks like me will still eat them up as long as their well-written! Luckily, I have yet to read anything by Adams that I haven't enjoyed and this was no exception. I already have the next one lined up waiting!

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