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30 December 2016

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti (Book Beginnings & Friday 56)

Just ... wow.
I love this book so fanatically that if I ever lost my mind and decided to give birth to another child and that child ended up being a girl her first name would end up being Hawthorn. Heck, her middle name may very well be Creely just so I could call her "Little Creely" once in a while.
Read this book.
It's rare that I get so caught up in a "YA" book. Middle grade? Sure. Full-blown "adult" books? Not a problem. Unless there's some sort of mystical magical otherworldly freakiness going on, though, "YA" just really isn't my thing.
And then I met Hawthorn. And I got her. And she got me.
She's awkward. She's nerdy. She tries to hide more than she tries to stand out. She could count the number of friends she has on one hand. Actually, she could do it on one finger.
When super popular Lizzie Lovett disappears, Hawthorn starts to appear.
It's painful and beautiful and .... everything.
Read. This. Book.
This is absolutely one of the best books I have read all year. I guess sometimes it actually happens that we "save the best for last" even when we don't mean to. It's official release is next week on January 3rd and I already intend on picking up a gorgeous hardcover "forever" copy for my shelves to replace the digital e-ARC I received from Sourcebooks through NetGalley.
Maybe I can convince my son to name a future granddaughter Hawthorn .... hmmmmm .....

Friday 56 (share from the 56th page or 56% mark) is hosted at Freda's Voice (today 56%) 
& Book Beginnings (share the first few sentences) is at Rose City Reader.

Hawthorn wasn't trying to insert herself into a missing person's investigation. Or maybe she was. But that's only because Lizzie Lovett's disappearance is the one fascinating mystery their sleepy town has ever had. Bad things don't happen to popular girls like Lizzie Lovett, and Hawthorn is convinced she'll turn up at any moment-which means the time for speculation is now.
So Hawthorn comes up with her own theory for Lizzie's disappearance.  A theory way too absurd to take seriously...at first. The more Hawthorn talks, the more she believes. And what better way to collect evidence than to immerse herself in Lizzie's life? Like getting a job at the diner where Lizzie worked and hanging out with Lizzie's boyfriend. After all, it's not as if he killed her-or did he?


  1. Wow! Your enthusiasm is definitely catching on this one because you have me really curious! I'll definitely have to check this one out!

  2. You definitely grabbed me with your comments....but one thing might keep me from reading this one: Werewolves. LOL.

    Enjoy! Here's mine: “THE MISSING”

  3. I've been reading more YA and middle-grade books lately and have enjoyed most of them. I like the language in the opening. It sounds just the way a kid would think.
    My Friday post features Náápiikoan Winter.

  4. Okay so I am intrigued.,..lol. From the cover it doesn't look like something I would read but you make it sound pretty good and I liked the blurb. :)

    Week in Review

  5. hmm, sounds really good indeed! thanks for sharing

  6. That last line cracked me up. This sounds so fun. You've convinced me:)

    My Friday 56 from Guarded

  7. Ooo... this one sounds edgy. I like the idea that she is grabbing the opportunity this tragedy offers to reposition herself. On one level - ew... And on another - how very human... Thank you for a really good review. Happy New Year:).

  8. I've had this wishlisted for a while now. Looks so good!
    Wishing you the best in 2017!

  9. I've seen this all over the place lately - It sounds good!

  10. I think you've sold me as well. I'll have to request it from the library. Thanks!