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02 July 2016

Rambling About.. Charlie N. Holmberg's Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

I had requested Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet from NetGalley as soon as it became available since I've heard so many great things about Holmberg's other books. When I read the description and saw that the main character, Maire, is an amnesiac who can infuse feelings into her baked goods I was beyond intrigued. 

Unfortunately, after the first 30 percent or so of the book I found that it didn't intrigue me nearly as much as the description did. I wasn't sure that I would finish it. Maybe if it had been a paranormal mystery/comedy/chick lit I would have plowed through it with glee... but it doesn't fit any of those genres. It's more of a young adult fantasy, I would say. I don't have anything against fantasy, of course, and didn't want to leave a requested book unread so I plowed ahead.


To be completely honest, I jumped over a handful of pages here and there. Not for the steamy reasons I normally have for skimming, but because it got to the point where not much seemed to be happening and I was curious as to whether I would feel like I missed anything if I jumped. I only had to backtrack a couple of pages once or twice. Bummer.

Now, the last 15% or so of the book I absolutely ate up like one of Maire's cakes. I would like an entire book just about the ending. Holmberg is definitely a talented writer but the vast majority of this story just wasn't for me.

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