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28 April 2016

Rambling About.. Kate Sparkes' Bound

Title: Bound
Author: Kate Sparkes
Publication: 11 June 2014 - Sparrowcat Press

First Lines: The barmaid didn't offer her name to me as she would have to any other unfamiliar man who entered the tavern, but it was there at the front of her mind. Florence, though she preferred to be called Peggy. I could have dug deeper into her thoughts and memories to find out why, but it didn't matter. She didn't matter. She was just another loose end I was going to have to tie up at the end of the night, another irritation in a long chain of them.

Favorites on 4s:
4%: Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors overthrew rulers who wielded magic, who used it to enslave their countrymen. Our people rose up and killed the Sorcerers, then fled to this land at the Western edge of the mountains. Our magic hunters had been ridding the land of every trace of magic ever since -- and every memory of it, including my beloved fairy tales.
34%: "I told you I've waited my whole life to meet a dragon. I can't think of a better prize than one of your scales." Ruby's jaw opened, and she cocked her head slightly to one side. She turned to me. "She's not even lying, is she?"
44%: I tried to ignore the warming effect her words had on me. I wasn't supposed to need kindness or praise, but it felt good.
64%: I wanted to run after him and ask what he meant. He didn't want to hurt me? Or did he have feelings for me that were as confusing as mine for him?
74%: Though the merfolk were kind and generous to their friends, they dealt with enemies as coldly and efficiently as my own family did.

Ramble: Dragons, mermaids (and men), shapeshifters, magic, humor, danger, forbidden romance ... what's not to love?!? 
I was a little hesitant about starting another fairytale-ish book so soon after completing the first in the Land of Stories series, but Kate and I have been following each other and chatting on Instagram for a while now and I just couldn't hold off any longer. Just so you know, the fact that I was already under the impression that Kate's pretty  awesome has absolutely nothing to do with my love of this book. Believe me, I chat regularly with quite a few authors that have a tendency to write utter crap.
Anyway, Bound is the first in a trilogy about Rowan and Aren (at least, I hope all three books feature them!). Rowan is nineteen years old and from Darmid, a kingdom where magic is feared and outlawed. She, of course, sneaks around with a book of fairytales and longs for magic and adventure in her life instead of the expected life of popping out babies for the magic hunter who has proposed to her already. Aren is a twenty-three year old prince from Tyrea, a kingdom where magic is common and revered. It is also weakening and Aren's brother Severn believes that it has something to do with the magic being killed off in Darmid. Aren is sent there to locate a magic user to bring back for "research" and that is how he meets Rowan. 
Oh, did I mention that she's magical and doesn't know it? That he can alter people's memories and turn into an eagle?
She's emotional and impetuous. He's serious and dangerous.
They're perfect for each other, right? 
Of course, it takes them a bit to realize it and admit it and there are a million and fifty (give or take) obstacles thrown in their way and there's no "happily ever after" ..... yet. After all, this is the first of a trilogy.

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