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09 March 2016

Rambling (A Little) About.. M. J. Trow's The Circle

When I read the first book in the Grand & Batchelor Victorian Mystery series I fell in love with all of the details and how Trow wove the fictional in to the non-fictional. This time, unfortunately, it all felt like it was too much. Even though it's a fairly short book (the epub-ARC I received from NetGalley clocks in at 222 pages on my app) it felt longer and as though a third of the words could be removed without it hindering the tale. Maybe I was just too distracted with other things at the time. Normally a book this length would take a maximum of two days for me. It's now day six. I would still recommend the series to anyone who enjoys historical mysteries, though. Perhaps reading the two books back-to-back would feel more cohesive. Perhaps I'll try at some point.

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